Apostolic Biblical Theological Seminary (ABTS)


Here are just a few examples of ways ABTS NEW DELHI graduates  are spreading God’s Word across India and the WORLD:- 

1.Bishop Dr.  Michael A. Adams,is a Doctor of Ministry  (D.Min Honoris Causa) degree recipient from Apostolic Biblical Theological Seminary(ABTS) New Delhi.Bishop Michael A. Adams,  is the Current General Secretary  for the Apostolic Brotherhood International,United States of America (USA). 

Rev.Dr. M. Adams has a vast ministry background. Some of the roles he has fulfilled in his calling are: Assistant Pastor, Chaplain, Sunday School Superintendent & Youth Leader. He has been awarded an Honorary Doctor of Ministry (D.Min) degree, for his unselfish, professional and prominent contribution in the fields of Oneness Apostolic Christian apologetics, ministry and evangelism. Apart from his academic and professional achievements, Rev. M. Adams is a  great man of God  and very passionate about properly teaching and defending the true Apostolic Christian faith.

2. Rev. Dr. Kevin W. Moss, D.Min. Pastor Kevin Moss, received a Doctor of Ministry (Honoris Causa) from the  Apostolic Biblical Theological Seminary (ABTS),New Delhi, and now  he is currently working on his Doctor of Theology (Th.D.) in Apostolic Studies here at Apostolic Biblical Theological Seminary (ABTS) New Delhi,India.Pastor Kevin Moss was born in Antigo, Wisconsin in 1970 and determined to live for the Lord at an early age. He was baptized and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit as a young person at the Apostolic Gospel Church, in River Falls, Wisconsin. He is a graduate of Ellsworth Senior High School and attended Urshan College (formerly Gateway College -UNITED PENTECOSTAL CHURCH INTERNATIONAL) in St. Louis where he, and his wife, Elizabeth, both earned degrees in Theology. After graduating from Gateway College (UPCI Bible College), Kevin and Elizabeth moved to Stillwater, Minnesota where they served as associate pastor and assisted with the music and youth at True Life Christian Church for 12 years. During that time they also attended Northwestern College in Roseville, Minnesota to further their education. In 2003, The Moss's with their 4 children, Wesley, Bethany, Karie and Curtis became a part of Spirit of Life Bible Church where he served as missions director and Elizabeth worked with the music and children's departments until 2006. They were both privileged to be able to make mission trips to India where they preached special meetings and taught in several churches.In 2006, the Moss's decided to pursue a call that they felt on their heart for some time and moved to the Baldwin/Hammond area to begin the work of planting a new spirit-filled church in Baldwin...LivelyStone Church, USA.

Pastor Kevin Moss currently holds a General license with the Apostolic Brotherhood International (ABI) - Texas, USA, and a lifetime Ordination with Oneness Apostolic Pentecostal Church, International (OAPCI) - General Hq,New Delhi, India, and a Patron member of ABTS  and OAPCI Ministries in India.

3.Rev.Dr. Niranjan Sahoo,BA.,B.Th.,MA.,BD (Senate of Serampore University), is a PhD in Theology Graduate of ABTS New Delhi and currently he is the Principal of The International School of Evangelism (Kolkata, West Bengal).

4.Rev Dr. Onyekwere O. Jossy,BA.,MA.,MTh.,ThD.,DD.,PhD is the National Overseer of The Redeemed Evangelical Church of God International (TRECG) India & Nigeria. And he is the Founder/Director of Redeemed Eschatology Theological Seminary, New Delhi/ Lagos, Nigeria. Dr  Onyekwere O. Jossy, is an academic PhD (2010) and a ThD (Doctorate Degree in Theology) doctorate degree graduates from  The Apostolic Biblical Theological Seminary (ABTS) New Delhi,India.

5.Rev Dr David K Bernard,BA.,ThM.,ThD.,JD.,DD ( From USA), is a Doctor of Divinity (DD Honoris Causa) degree recipient from Apostolic Biblical Theological Seminary(ABTS) New Delhi on 21st September 2011. Rev Dr.David K. Bernard is the Current General Superintendent for the United Pentecostal Church International -UPCI. He is also the founding president of Urshan Graduate School of Theology. He earned a doctor of jurisprudence with honors from the University of Texas, a Master of theology(MTh) from the University of South Africa (where he is also completing his doctoral dissertation), and a bachelor of arts Magna cum Laude in mathematical sciences and managerial studies from Rice University. The author of thirty books with over seven hundred fifty thousand copies in print, he has been published in thirty-six languages and has ministered in forty-six countries on six continents. He and his wife, Connie, have three children—Daniel, Lindsey, Jonathan and his wife, Sara—and one grandson, Elijah.

6.Rev Dr LAUWINGKEUNGELVIS,BA.,MA.,DMin.,DD.,PhDearned his academic PhD (In Theology) from ABTS New Delhi,India.He is current Senior Pastor of Universal Ministries Church, Hong Kong ( China).

7.Bishop Dr.John D.Sims ( From USA), received his academic a Doctor of Divinity (DD) from ABTS New Delhi. Bishop Sims is the President,Founder of Apostolic Ministers Research Association USA, And a Pastor Bishop of the Apostolic Bible Center, Texas, USA. Bishop Dr John Sims, is a man of God, who has been and continues to be used mightily by God. He has blessed so many people and leaders in the Body of Christ with his  Research and teaching Ministry.

8.Dr.Sir.HH Mate,PhD,DLitt,DD,KC (Knighthood Degree) is a Doctor of Divinity(DD Hon) graduate from Apostolic Biblical Theological Seminary (ABTS) New Delhi on 21 December 2011 at ABTS 5th Convocation New Delhi. Dr. H.H. Mate is  an eminent Educationist, Scientist and Social Worker  and award winner of  "Mother Teresa Excellence Award" and the "Noble Son of India Award" from Shri Satyanarayana, the Social Welfare Minister of Andhra Pradesh.  Dr HH Mate  is the  Founder Principal - cum - Secretary, Dr. S. Radhakrishnan Foundation School, Churachanpur, Manipur,  and Founder Principal-cum-- Superintendent, Christian English High School, President, Rural Aid Service, Chief Secretary, National Research Laboratory For Conservation of Chin-Kuki-Mizo (Manmasi) Cultural Properties by different Departments, Organisations and Societies.  Dr HH Mate had so far received above 100 (Hundred) National and International awards and honours. These National, International,state and regional awards were presented to Dr Mate, due to his  outstanding services, achievements, contributions and for enriching human lives and working for the nation’s progress in the field of literature & education, science & engineering and social work. 

9. Rev Dr. K.Thanchungnunga,DMin, received an Honorary Doctor of Ministry (D.Min Hon) from Apostolic Biblical Theological Seminary (ABTS) New Delhi, on 30th June 2012. He is an ordained Minister of the United Pentecostal Church International (UPCI) of North East India unit and currently he is working as UPCI (NEI) Senior Pastor at Zemabawk, Aizawl, Mizoram state, India.He is an eminent theologian and highly recognized man of GOD,God-fearing Pastor, author, and Bible Teacher. So far, he has written more than 34 books and booklets and several other pamphlets.   Beside that, he has written several  Gospel articles which were published in the Local and  National Newspapers; many time he  has proclaimed Gospel through Local TV chanels-LPS,ZONET etc, All India Radio – Aizawl Mizoram.

10. Rev.Dr. Lalsawivela  Hrahsel, (UPCI North East India Evangelist from Mizoram)receives a Doctor of Ministry (D.Min Honoris Causa) from Apostolic Biblical Theological Seminary (ABTS) New Delhi.Evangelist Dr. Lalsawivela is a great man of God, and he is mightily used by God in healing the sick. Through his ministry, the lame could walk,  and the dead  were raised and Thousands of people with terminal illnesses were cured. He has blessed so many people and leaders in the Body of Christ with his accurate and gracious Prophetic Ministry. The Lord enabled him to baptized more than three thousands people already  in the name of Jesus Christ, according to Acts 2:38. Evangelist Dr. Lalsawivela, is an ordained minister of the UPCI of North East India, and currently  he resides in Aizawl, Mizoram State, India.

11.Rev. Dr T Tumsangais  a Former District Superintendent of Chhimtuipui District, of United Pentecostal Church  International of North East India (UPCI-NEI) Saiha, Mizoram State! He received an Honorary Doctor of Ministry (DMin) degree, from Apostolic Biblical Theological Seminary (ABTS) New Delhi, India.This great man of God is already 80 years old man! He is highly recognized man of God,God-fearing Pastor, from Mizoram State in North East India.Rev Dr T. Tumsanga is a very prominent Bible Teacher, Preacher and Pastor among Pentecostal Christians in Mizoram state,but most of all, he is God's man.

12.DR.LANGSUN DOUKHOSEI MATE,Bsc.,MA.,MDiv.,PhD,IRS, High Commissioner in the Income Tax Department of India in Kolkata, West Bengal- Government of India. Dr. L.D.Mate is a PhD in Theology graduate- from Apostolic Biblical Theological Seminary (ABTS) New Delhi-17th December 2013.

13.Rev Dr Nick Catley, B.A. M.Div. PhD, MInstLM. FBCS (London,UK), is a PhD in Theology  graduate from Apostolic Biblical Theological Seminary (ABTS) New Delhi,2013 batch. Rev Dr Nick Catley is  the Chairman, Pastor of Kingdom Seekers, London (UK),he is Looking after an organisation that works in the UK and India, sharing the good news of Jesus but also involved in education, the relief of poverty and various engineering projects in the fields of IT, audio, TV, web and Web broadcasting.

14.DR. TOMMY RODRIGUEZ,Jr.,MDiv.,D.C.,PhD.,DD ( From USA)Dr Rodriguez, Jr., is a Oneness Christian Prophet, Doctor, Theologian, Bible Teacher, Author, Apologist. He has earned  the following degrees: An Associate in Arts Degree (A.A) in General Education from San Jose City College; a Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA) in Pre-Physical Therapy from San Francisco State University,USA; a Professional Doctorate Degree in Chiropratic (D.C), with Clinical Honors/Excellence,from Palmer College of Chiropractic-West; and a Master of Divinity(M.Div.)with magna cum laude, and an academic Doctorate degree in  Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Oneness Apostolic Christian Theology with cum laude, both from Apostolic Biblical Theological Seminary(ABTS) New Delhi,India. He has earned an academic PhD degree in Oneness Apostolic Theology in the year 2011 from ABTS New Delhi.Apart from an academic theological degrees, he has been awarded two Honorary Doctorates: an Honorary Doctor of Divinity (DD) and an Honorary Doctor of Ministry (D.Min) doctorate degree from Apostolic Biblical Theological Seminary(ABTS) New Delhi,India.  Dr Rodriguez currently resides in San Jose, CA (USA) with his wife, Michelle, and their daughter,Jackie. They are members of the Apostolic Assembly of Faith in Christ Jesus at Potter's House,in Watsonville, CA (USA) under the Pastor-ship of Senior Pastor Rev Dr. Steven Moran and Pastor Rev. Daniel Moran.

15.Bro. Dr. Steve Winter ( USA), is a Doctor of Divinity (Honoris Causa DD) doctorate degree recipient from the Apostolic Biblical Theological Seminary(ABTS) New Delhi,India in June 2014. Dr Steve Winter is an Apostolic Pentecostal Bible Teacher, Writer, Christian Musician and Founder of Jesus Name Apostolic Holiness Church Inc (JNAHC) USA and WinterBand (a Christian rock,blues,metal band in USA). He is an eminent Oneness  Bible Teacher-Preacher and highly recognized man of God,God-fearing Pastor, author and Bible Teacher from USA.

16. Bro. Edward Lloyd Forman Jr,(From Rayville,Louisiana USA), received an Honorary Doctor of Divinity (DD), and an Honoris Causa  Doctor of Ministry (DMin) doctorate degrees from the Apostolic Biblical Theological Seminary (ABTS) New Delhi,India. Bro. Edward Lloyd Forman Jr, is a powerful Apostolic preacher with a burden for the church and for the lost. Bro. Edward Lloyd Forman and his wife, Sister. Eloise Vines Forman, has been  a  true friends, Advisors, Lifetime Honorary Executive Board members for Apostolic Biblical Theological Seminary (ABTS) New Delhi,India, since 2009. Bro. Forman is a faithful man of God. He is a true Apostolic Preacher,Bible Teacher and writer, but most of all, he is God's man!

17.Dr. Denis  Graham Beedie, DD ( From London, UK)Dr Beedie,  is a Doctor of Philosophy in Bible ( PhD in Bible), Doctor of Ministry (DMin Honoris Causa) and Doctor of Sacred Theology (STD) doctorate degrees recipient from The Apostolic Biblical  Theological Seminary (ABTS) New Delhi,India. He had more than 47 years of full-time Christian Ministry experience as an Evangelist, Preacher, Bible Teacher, Pastor and Chaplain. He was a Pastor with the Assembly of God in Great Britain for 15 years in London, England and In Scotland. He also had a privilege of Ministering the Word of God on Television and Radio on numerous occasions, both in the USA and United Kingdom and  for the past 32 years laboured almost unceasingly amongst the Asian Communities of the United Kingdom (U.K) and overseas, with many remarkable testimonies of healings being recorded.Dr. Denis Graham Beedie, recently gained his Doctorate in Divinity (DD) From Canterbury University, Chesire. United Kingdom, after several years intensive studies in Theology, Religion and Divinity and after first having obtained his Bachelor`s and Master`s in similar majors in  2002-2010.He is now available to share the Message of Redeeming Love at Meeting-Halls, House-Fellowships, Churches and Synagogues, and having experienced the Healing Power of YHWH in his own life in a most marvellous way,  also prays for the sick and suffering in order to see them healed by the Living Power of God.Pastor Denis is married to Polly Ramsumair whom he met at the Assemblies of God Church at Paddington, West London in 1980 and who came from Trinidad & Tobago to train as a Theatre Nurse in Neurological Diseases in London. They have a son Ajay Andrew.

18.  Rev. Dr. Daniel Darlong, ( Kolkata United Pentecostal Church,Senior Pastor), is a Doctor of Divinity (DD Hon) degree recipient from the Apostolic Biblical Theological Seminary (ABTS) New Delhi, India. Rev Dr Darlong, is a humble man of God and the very First Pastor of  the Kolkata United Pentecostal Church, in Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

19. Rev Dr. Dellus James, is a Doctor of Divinity (DD Hon)  degree recipient from the Apostolic Biblical Theological Seminary (ABTS) New Delhi, India. He is a down to earth, humble great man of God and the Founding Pastor of Jahoshua  Fellowship church in Gurgaon,Haryana State, India.  Rev Dr  Dellus James, is well known Oneness Apostolic Bible Teacher , Pastor and Preacher.

20. APOSTLE RAMESH  PETETI(Founder/Director of Little Blooms Children's Orphanage of India, AP India) is a Doctor of Ministry (D.Min Honoris Causa) recipient of Apostolic Biblical Theological Seminary (ABTS) New Delhi,India. Brother Ramesh Peteti, is a great man of God, so far he had already baptized around One Thousand and five hundreds people already in the name of Jesus Christ, according to the Bible way (Acts 2:38). Brother Dr. Ramesh Peteti, is truly a man with integrity ,love, care and Passion for God's Word and God's people.

21. Bishop Dr. Sylbert Clarke (Bible Teacher, Preacher and renowned Gospel Singer/artist from Wolverhampton, England, UK), received a Doctor Sacred Literature (Honoris Causa DLitt) from the Apostolic Biblical Theological Seminary (ABTS) New Delhi,India, in 2014 and currently through correspondence he is  pursuing an academic Doctorate Degree in Philosophy (PhD In Systematic Theology) from ABTS New Delhi,India.Bishop Clarke, is very passionate about properly teaching and defending the Word of God, with a desire to drastically impact the lives of those he touches. 

Bishop Sylvert Clarke, also holds several an academic Theological degrees such as,Bachelor of Sacred Theology (UPCI Bible College, USA)., Master of Biblical Studies ( Bible University, USA)., and currently he is continuing a Doctor of Biblical Studies from Bible University, USA. He is also doing his PhD in Systematic Theology-from  Apostolic Biblical Theological Seminary (ABTS) New Delhi,India. He is also known as  Oneness Christian Prophet, Apostolic Theologian, Pastor and Bible Teacher. Apart from his academic and professional achievements, Dr Bishop Clarke, is  a great man of God,Oneness Christian Prophet, Theologian, Pastor and Bible Teacher and currently he is serving as an International Bishop of the Congregation of Jesus Christ Church Apostolic 5-fold Ministry International Inc., UK and Manila Philippines.It is now Bishop Sylbert Clarke's main aim, by the will of God is to travel as many countries as possible, preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Below is endorsement letter for ABTS New Delhi -from Bishop Dr. Sylbert Clarke ( He is our Current ABTS New Delhi, a PhD in Systematic Theology student):

Divine Approval – Accreditation from Studying in Apostolic Biblical Theological Seminary (ABTS) New Delhi,India.I have been persistent and very determine to continue pursuing my Christian education to equip myself in order to accomplish my God-given task for years. But, I've discovered it was extremely difficult to realize or achieve my goal in a   residential setting, having to manage a full-time job and take care of other important responsibilities. However, driven by my passion for the things of God, I was relentless to achieve my aim, knowing that: “lack of knowledge” destroys also God’s people. Therefore, my quest for the knowledge of God led to hours of scouring the Internet, hoping to find an appropriate religious institution with online programs that could satisfy my thirst for knowledge. Or provide something suitable or substantial to study conveniently, while working and studying simultaneously.

What I’ve also discovered during the process of trying to find a reliable institution is that: there are substandard and also fake (Diploma Mills) online religious institutions out there. Nevertheless, my insatiable appetite for a deeper and more profound knowledge of God is almost completely satisfied. Because of the home environment provided by Apostolic Biblical  Theological Seminary (ABTS), New Delhi, India, that I have discovered by chance while browsing the Internet. My knowledge of God has increased dramatically and substantially, I have a tighter connection with God through the study materials provided by ABTS and also I've received tremendous confirmation of revelations given to me by God even from my infancy in the LORD! 

Additionally, the administrative staff at ABTS is very commendable for their help, dedication and commitment to imparting God’s words to all its students. Also, the seminary is highly recognizable and recommendable because of the top quality study materials it provides. For example, every educational institution must have some level of approval or accreditation for graduates to gain recognition or further access to education elsewhere. If not, the qualification achieved previously is deemed worthless in many regards. But theologically speaking, ABTS is unequivocally a direct inspiration of God. 

Evidently, ABTS will enlighten, edify and furnish not only men and women with meaningful Biblical knowledge and competence to unleash their divine potential in this generation, but laid the foundation for years to come! Students expecting to graduate from ABTS can anticipate with eager confidence of obtaining a high degree and wealth of knowledge that God approves. “There is but one straight course, and that is to seek truth and pursue it” and as we have already established that the word of God is truth. It behooves us to; “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth” (2 Tim 2:15). Or to emphasize, the theological achievement from ABTS, which is centered around  the Bible, will definitely lead to the acquisition of divine approval or accreditation which is most important! By: Bishop Dr. Sylbert Clarke (24th October 2014).

        And Many many more......!!!

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