Apostolic Biblical Theological Seminary (ABTS)




Dear Brother and Sister in Christ, 

In order to train  many Christian leaders and workers, we need your partnership for the ABTS MINISTRIES.I can tell you that there is no greater joy than leading someone to faith in Jesus Christ.  The purpose of the ABTS is to train men and women to be cross-cultural evangelists and leaders of the churches who will serve the Lord and the needs of the people both spiritually and physically. The graduates are expected to be trainers of leaders and minister to the people in India, Burma,(Myanmar), Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh,China and Bangladesh.

We also plan to reach unbelievers through the students and plant churches all over India, and surrounding countries.Proverbs 29:18 says, "Where there is no vision, the people perish."  The ABTS New Delhi,India  is  born with visions and dreams received from God.

The nation India has the second largest population, crossing a billion mark with the turn of the new millennium.  In fact, it is sad to learn that, the percentage of Christians in this vast nation is still just 3% (including the Roman Catholics).  Therefore, the need of evangelism is great indeed. The fields are ready for harvest but we are lacking dedicated servants who would take up this challenge.  ABTS  is committed to train up, equip and send missionaries to unreached areas in India and Burma.  Our aim is to present everyman perfect in Christ Jesus.  This year  2015 by the grace of God, AROUND 35  students will be graduating again on  this coming  17th  December 2015 with  BIBLE Degrees and Diplomas in theology.

To run a Bible Institution / School is not an easy task, it involves, finance, man power and a lot of dedication and without the help of God, it would end up as a failure. By faith we are being lead by the Lord, who has provided everything to us thus far. 

You can partner with us on this much needed mission! We need your prayers,support and involvement in ABTS ministries.  You can partner with us on this much needed mission! We need your prayers,support and involvement in Jesus name.

Apostolic Biblical Theological Seminary(ABTS) New Delhi is committed to saving souls, minds, and bodies through teaching, preaching, and practicing biblical truth.  In order to attain a corporate image of Christ, we desire to work as partners with other Christians who have the same vision and belief for the Kingdom of God.

Please pray for Reaching  India, Burma,Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and all south Asia countries  for JESUS !!!    Be a part!!You can become a part of us by:-

  • Your prayers.
  • Introducing us to your friends.
  • Contributing clothes, Theological/Biblical books, groceries,Bible, contribution for ATS library, etc
  • Supporting us financially – house rent, water, electricity, land for the Church/Bible school/home, etc.
  • Sponsoring for a missionary: Take up an opportunity of sponsoring  our Bible College students,  and School students. 

    Every sponsor  will receive one picture of the student that he / she is supporting and the students progress report. Occasionally his/her progress report will be intimated.


    Pray for  our  protection, provision.

    Pray for more Divine appointments and that He will give us more opportunities to preach and to train more and more people everywhere.

    We desire to fulfill the call of Mark 16:15 to "Go onto the entire world and preach the Gospel" and we also desire for you to fulfill that call as well. Your donation will aid us as we preach the Gospel in remote and unreached areas, impact others who will in turn impact others who will impact all generations worldwide with the truth and power of the Gospel. All gifts, great or small, will be appreciated.  

    Your's in Jesus' name

  • Dr.Paogin Mangte

  • Founder President: Apostolic Biblical Theological Seminary (ABTS) & OAPCI Ministries India

  • E-mail: pmangte@yahoo.co.in  / abtsindia@yahoo.in

  • Contact no 0- 8287286860/ 8826311539.

Dr P.Mangte ministered preaching the name of Jesus- near Indo Burma border village-Reaching the Unreached!

       ( Proclaiming the saving the name of Jesus-Acts 4:12 among Unreached people near Indo-Burma Border area).

( Dr Paogin Mangte baptized people in the name of Jesus near Burma Border area).
 Pastor Paogin Mangte-ABTS & OAPCI  Founder Director, baptized believer in the Burma Border according to Acts 2:38, for the forgiveness of sins-at  one of the Jungle place of Indo-Burma border--
 Will you stand with us in Jesus name?).

                                                                ( Near Indo Burma Border area).
(Pastor Mangte baptizing people in Jesus name at Burma Border).
    (Baptism in Jesus name near Burma Border area).

 (Bro Mangte - gave baptism in Jesus name near Burma Border).
( In the lovely name of Jesus her sins have been washes away ).
(Dr Paogin Mangte, taught the Apostolic faith, Oneness of God, and the new Birth  to this wonderful-  Thadou-Kuki-Chin people near Burma Border area,Later on they became our church members. This  small church is today one of our -Oneness Apostolic-OAPCI church ).
  ( Dr Mangte preached the JESUS NAME in this small church in Manipur- Will you help us for the church building?).
 Dr Mangte, seminar at Sajik, Manipur, Near Burma Border area, this people longs to know the apostolic truth).
 (Dr Mangte, baptizing believer in Jesus name at midnight).
(DR Mangte, Bible seminar at Sajik Area, Near Burma border in Manipur).
(Dr Mangte and Sis Jenny, eating food during mission trip at Indo-Burma border area-at Moreh).

  (Moreh-From here you can view Tamu Myo, Burma--- where Bro Mangte visited for the Kingdom of God).
  ( Moreh- Indo -Burma Border river, bro Mangte preached the name Jesus,prior to water baptism in Jesus name).
( Dr Mangte,opened  the Apostolic church (OAPCI), the church which he started in 2009, 2010,at Moreh- Indo-Burma border town).

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