Apostolic Biblical Theological Seminary (ABTS)


ABTS New Delhi offers the ideal environment for transformation, as your mind is renewed by the Word of God. For some this commitment has restored their lives physically and emotionally. For some, it has been the beginning of a new adventure with God. For others, it has been the discovery of God’s call on their lives. If God is calling you to ABTS New Delhi, be obedient and take the first step to fulfilling your God-given destiny.

The following is what some of our internal regular students have to say about ABTS India:

. . .ABTS New Delhi is truly God’s seminary, we learn the True Apostolic Theology, and before  I came here, (ABTS) I was without Jesus, today I belong to Jesus, and I have received bible baptism in Jesus name According to ACTS 2:38, Hallelujah” (Mrs.  Nancy, 2011 BTh Graduate from Myanmar)

“It’s hard (work), but we learn a lot.” ( Mr.John Za Lian Thang, 2011 BTh Graduate from Myanmar)

" ABTS New Delhi is truly Apostolic Seminary, we are learning pure Apostolic Doctrine,and  the whole Gospel, now I have great confidence to speak God's Word, without compromise"( Bro. Tha Tin Hup, BTh 2011 Graduate ).

"I am proud to be the student of ABTS.  All the guides and guidance are superb. I strongly recommend the ABTS to all people in the world to join as it helps to update the knowledge in the ministry.. Though I have been pastored for the last 40 years, but I have never seen a man like Dr Paogin Mangte, who is so gifted bible expositor and wonderful Bible teacher... Needless to say, I learned a lot from ABTS New Delhi". ( Rev  Rosiama, - Bro. Rosiama is from UPC Burma and he is a  retired ordained Pastor- age 79 years old man).

"I can honestly say that ABTS compilation for the M.Th. course is absolutely first class. Notes on Advance Bibliology, Survey of Bible Doctrine and Theological subjects are clear and concise. I have bsolutely no hesitation in recommending ABTS course to anyone with a genuine interest in solid biblical Christian Theology" ( Mr. Ceubik, 2010 MTh graduate- Current President, Delhi Women prayer Fellowship).

"I now understand the true nature of God. I grew up knowing the religious Jesus...but today I have a knowledge of the true, loving Jesus, that has transformed my life! You are all free to email me for my recommendation." 

(Pastor. Thian Nun Piang, 2010 MTh Graduate – Now he is residing in Florida, USA).

"After joining ABTS & hearing the teaching on the Word of God, my perspective towards life changed (who I am in Christ). ABTS teaches, exactly what is the truth, how to know the truth & why it was said, so when I read the bible now I get lots of revelation"(Lalhmingthanga, MRE 2010 student). 

"I know where I stand now.  I am very secure in Jesus.  I am now very real when I speak.  That is what ABTS has taught me, God has taught me through ABTS in fact."

(Evan. George Rung Lian Thang,BD (ITS) and he is ABTS M.Th  graduate of 2011 batch, from Burma).

“Each and every course I have taken with ABTS New Delhi impacted me differently, with its teaching being so well planned, so comprehensive, so fruitful, so enlightening, so challenging, so enriching"

( Bro. Chike Paul Ezigbo-BTh 2010- graduate, from South Africa).

“Before I came to ABTS, I read in the Bible that we are to study to handle God’s Word properly. Now (from my studies here) I have confidence to speak God’s Word.”

( Bro. Khaitinlen Guite, 2011 BD Graduate, from Moreh, Manipur).

“I received my Doctor of Theology through ABTS New Delhi in December of 2011. I want to thank you for the quality of learning I experienced in my studies. My biblical knowledge was definitely improved…I found the Doctor of Theology (ThD) course excellent in every manner. It was thoroughly based on scripture and very inspirational providing a simple format of anointed study with various topics relevant to ministry. I would recommend this study course to every believer in Christ and also to those involved in the ministry because it is essential to study and understand the scriptures and have a proper interoperation of the Bible. This would thoroughly equip us and prepare us for every good work.


( From: Rev Dr. Van Thawng Lian, earned his MTh from Bharat Baptist Bible college and Seminary, Secunderabad and  now he is 2011 ABTS- ThD Graduate, and currently, he is a Senior Pastor of Zotung Christian Fellowship, New Delhi).

“I recommend this ABTS New Delhi programs to my friends and colleagues because the program is very helpful to our ministries. We do not get a degree only but also receive spiritual truth and biblical lessons”

(Bro. Zitlua Sythlo, BD Graduate of 2011, he is from Mizoram State, India).

“I want to thank you for the quality of learning I experienced in my studies. My biblical knowledge was definitely improved…ABTS served an important purpose in my life. Thanks for your work and ministry!”

( From: Pastor. HENRY K. ARENG ZAR, M.Div-2011 Graduate and Pastor Henry is Associate Pastor of United Pentecostal Church of Janakpuri, New Delhi)

I want to thank you for the great courses and the wealth of knowledge that I received while enrolled at ABTS New Delhi. I have found all the courses from ABTS have equipped me so well for the challenge of preaching the Word of God”.

(Pastor. Laldingliana, MTh graduate 2011 batch. Pastor Dingte is Pastor cum Missionary of United Pentecostal Church (MZ), based in New Delhi).

A testimony from Brother Chike Paul Ezigbo, BTh 2010 Graduate (  He was ABTS regular student):-

" The Bible starts off in Genesis 1:1, in the beginning God created heaven and earth. It ends in the book of Revelation 22:21 with the word amen. This book of books reveals God's plan for humanity. Filled with great stories of tragedy, triumph, sin, forgiveness, and love, it is a constant reminder of what it is to be alive in the world.

 In ABTS (New Delhi) people don't change the Word but the Word changes people. My life has been spiritually well nourished ever since I started with ABTS New Delhi. Their teachings consist of a good mixture of the word and things of the Spirit.

I have loved all the classes I have taken so far through ABTS ( New Delhi). The entire experience has been very positive. The Instructor and our  Director Dr Paogin Mangte is great and the course material is interesting and challenging.

I had been looking for a school at which to study Theology, Religious studies related to subjects before I found ABTS New Delhi.

I found it practical, interesting and beneficial. I have learned to prepare and deliver sermons effectively with the creative methods. This course has helped me to know the do's and don't's of preaching and baptism.

I have learned so much through my studies and as an effect, I have grown spiritually. I would definitely recommend ABTS New Delhi programs for anyone who is busy but also dedicated and serious about studying religious/theological subjects and earning a degree. God(JESUS)is definitely working through ABTS ( New Delhi)!

The classes furthered my insight to God's Word, pastoral perspectives, and Christian counselling with approval, admiration and appreciation; I endorse ABTS ( New Delhi) for what they have done for me. I will be getting my BTh degree through ABTS soon and I am extremely pleased with what I received so far (And also recently I received water baptism in the name of JESUS Christ according to Acts 2:38!).

Lastly, all Christians! Don't hesitate to attend this course at Apostolic  Biblical Theological Seminary New Delhi. A little sacrifice of your time will bring you blessedness. You certainly will be amazed. God is definitely working through ABTS New Delhi"!

From: Chike Paul Ezigbo ( BTh Student - ABTS New Delhi( Bro. Chike Paul Ezigbo,rejoiced in the Lord after his water baptism in Jesus name

( ABTS 2011 Regular students).

( Dr. Paogin Mangte- ( Founder/Director ABTS)  with his students - Theology class room ).

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