Apostolic Biblical Theological Seminary (ABTS)


( For ABTS New Delhi,Correspondence Students only):

1.         About the Time Limit to finish the Courses...? 

You can finish a Degree Course even before the maximum time limit.You can do it at your own pace. However, there is maximum time limit to complete all the requirements .We allow our students to submit the answers anytime and receive the Certificate.

Remember. You can finish a Degree Course even before the maximum time limit.

2.        Do you have a specific time in a year for Admission?   

No.  We admit students throughout the year (If you are applying as a correspondence student) on any working day. Hurry up to send your Application.

3.         Are there any exams for these Courses?  

              Yes, but all Exams are through Correspondence only and not in any examination centre.For the Correspondence Course, you can take the test from your own place.  You will receive Study Material and Questionnaire as Registered Post or by Speed Post at your Door-step or via email attachment. FEE includes your Study Material and the Certificate. No extra charges! You need to send the Answers by Post or by email (preferred by Post) subject wise or all at a time to Dr. Paogin Mangte at New Delhi ABTS Office. Our Faculty members will evaluate and grade your answer sheets.  You need not go to anywhere to write the exams. We are not interested to trouble our student and make spent a lot of money keeping in mind that many Christian Leaders are financially poor.

4.         What is the working language of  ABTS New Delhi?

Our working language is  English only.

5.         Will you send us the correct answers for the objective tests, if our answer is wrong for any question? 

No.  We will not send the key for the test.  It is confidential.  However, we will send our standard Study Materials.

6.         Fees Structure for the Courses are costly or cheap?

Our Course fees are very reasonable, we would say, the cheapest FEE that an Institute that can ever offer. We exist to educate, equip, and validate those pursuing a deeper knowledge in Bible and not to make profit. We are charging a minimum so that even a least person can afford to complete the desired Bible Theological study. We are here to serve you and do everything that we can to make your study both challenging and enjoyable.

7.      Do you conduct contact classes?        

No. However, you can contact Apostolic Biblical Theological Seminary, New Delhi for all clarifications and please feel free to contact us through Telephone or by Email.All the doubts will be cleared over phone, or by mail, or in person. 

8.         When is the Certificate is issued?

We will send you your certificate maximum within 30 days of the completion of your studies signed by our Director, Apostolic Biblical Theological Seminary (ABTS) New Delhi.

9.      Shall I get my Fees back? 

             Fees once paid is not refundable.
10.     What all the things I have to forward for the admission?

Along with the filled Application Form, you have to attach your Educational Certificate and also few lines about your ministry experience (Testimony) in your own language or in English, send them to our ABTS Office New Delhi. Affix your Passport size photo on the Application Form.

11.       How and when will I get the Curriculum?   

Within 7  to 10 working days, we receive your FEE along with your Application. We will send our Curriculum to your address as soon as we received your admission fee.

12.       How to pay the fees?

National and International students have  to pay the FEE at one time.  You can send your fee through online bank transfer- through our  bank account's  or Money Order / Demand Draft  or checks to our New Delhi ABTS Office Address: E-54, 3rd Floor, Chanakya Place, 4oth Feer Main Road, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi-110059,India.

For more information, please email your queries at  abtsindia@yahoo.in   or speak with our Director at 0- 8287286860/ 8826311539.

14.       How to send the FEE?

FEE is accepted through  Online bank Transfer,Money Order, Cheque ,Demand Draft and you can directly send the FEES to NEW DELHI ABTS Office. 

      International students can send the FEE through by  WESTERN UNION or  MONEY GRAM ( www.moneygram.com ) in favor of    "Paogin Mangte" and inform by Email passing on Secret Code to Dr. Paogin Mangte at pmangte@yahoo.co.in    For more information, please email your queries at abtsindia@yahoo.in 

15.       What people say about our Curriculum?

We always try to get the feedback on our Curriculum. People and Students said that our curriculums are very good. Many of them said, one of the best curriculums that they ever found. Surely, we have not tried to over burden our students. So, our students need not to worry about it. Our curriculum will help you in your practical ministry. 

16.       What people say about asked Questions?

Our Questions are simple and we expect our students to be to the point. Questions that are asked in the Question Bank will not at all create any confusion. Questions are never asked which is not in the curriculum. 

17.       How to forward the Answers?

Study the Study Materials thoroughly first. You have to answer only the questions asked in the Questionnaire. Write the answers on separate papers and send all answers asked by post  or You can also send typed data on Computer and send by Email subject wise or all at a time.  No extra expenditure.

18.       Is there any Convocation and Graduation Ceremonies while giving away Certificates?

             Yes!  But  the  students, who wish to attend Graduation exercise, need to contribute certain amount in Jesus name as Graduation fee.You can also Receive the CERTIFICATE and your Transcript, sitting at home by post on completion of your Course. All the students have admired our system. Sometimes, on a special request, we can organize Graduation ceremony.

19.       Can I be the Coordinator for Apostolic  Biblical Theological Seminary New Delhi for my City / State / Country?

           We have many Coordinators in some places. This privilege is given only to  ABTS New Delhi students. Many Coordinators assist us as volunteers but anyone wishes to receive financial help for their contribution as Coordinator; we offer some financial help from the received amount from the each student they admit at Apostolic  Biblical Theological Seminary New Delhi.

Remember.ABTS NEW DELHI is the right place to fulfill your desires.

Ø  Lessons and Tests By Correspondence 

Ø   So, the Courses can be studied at home

Ø  To Servants of God and to all Christians

Ø  To Men and Women 

Ø   No Denominational barrier

Ø   Excellent Syllabus

Ø   Enrollment during any time of the year.

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